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sobota, 14 kwietnia 2012

Atemi - art of choice

In ancient years, warriors and knights using their hands as deadly weapons had observed that strikes and punches directed to certain points would cause demolishing effects upon their enemies bodies. From faints to heart malfunctions, from breathing problems to sudden blood pressure raise, from nervous system disturbances to total paralysis… The most breathtaking discovery was the map of those points covered healing points map (healing acupuncture points map). This connection is not accidental…

Initially 365 points were described and finally reduced to 81 points of unusual definition. In atemi the basic rule of natural medicine gets revealed: small amount of element does help in healing, makes a good stimuli to points, but its overloading may cause destruction, disharmony leading even to death. The line between those two is a very thin one. That is what you observe in homeopathy (so criticized by many), reflexology, massage, needling, soft tissue manipulations etc. This also reflects other aspects of human life such as language communication.  The power of words can cause various effects from warm and peacefull reactions to deadly side effects, food with its components should be served in reasonable amounts because its overdosage will make you feel very very sick… Atemi  is choice: what do I choose as far as me and other people are concerned? Atemi is my everyday question I ask myself: what do I want to achieve and what ways? With what accomplishment so far? With what background? Where to go, where to turn my head, what decision to make? Do I strike to hurt or do I forgive to let you pass by? Do I give you my hand or do I regret to take yours because I want to pay you back? Do I help an old man to walk down the stairs or do I pretend I cannot see him? Do I talk about you behind your back or do I keep my opinion to myself and decide not to turn it into words that cut deeper than sword? Atemi is choice between light and darkness, between good and evil. Atemi is the very centre of a decent aikido. It is the centre of a wise life.

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sobota, 14 kwietnia 2012 00:02

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